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Wet Elevator Pit Solutions
Contite offers a complete solution for building owners and elevator contractors to eliminate water in elevator pits.

Contite Control
Contite Control is used in slurry form to treat large areas such as walls and slabs. It is also a bonding agent used to create a continuously watertight structure in areas with construction joints caused by multiple pours. Contite Control can be applied by brush or by pneumatic sprayer.

Contite Control Light
While not quite pure white, Contite Control Light cures to a light gray color, and is useful when exposed treated areas need a brighter, lighter appearance.

Contite Matrix DMP
Matrix DMP is an effective dampproofing product for above or below grade use. It is the only dampproofing product on the market with Contite’s exclusive ACP3 formula, so it won’t crack, de-laminate or out-gas. Simply apply in slurry form by spray or brush for long term moisture control.

Contite Penetrating Mortar Contite Penetrating Mortar is used like a conventional mortar is used, but where a waterproof seal is required. Its higher quartz content adds strength while Contite’s ACP3 ingredients create bonding and penetrating action. It is used to fill construction joints, to seal spaces around pipes and and penetrations and to fill cracks.

Contite Broadcast
Contite Broadcast is applied in dry form onto surfaces where the concrete has been poured but is still plastic in consistency. The surface is then hand or power troweled, creating a completely watertight surface when the curing is complete. It can also be dry sprinkled on top of a mud slab just prior to the placement of the structural slab to create a completely watertight substrate.

Contite Jet
Contite Jet is a dry additive that makes shotcrete watertight. It aids in bonding, and adds Contite’s ACP3 waterstopping properties. Contite Jet will also waterproof the substrate of the concrete when shotcrete is used as a repair or building material, protecting reinforcing steel from harmful moisture.

Contite Injex
Contite Injex is an injection mortar that is used to fill voids and deliver Contite’s ACP3 active chemicals deep below the surface of the structure. It quickly displaces water, seals out moisture, and prevents rising damp in walls.

Contite Express
Contite Express is a plugging material with a powerful concentration of ACP3 active ingredients that can stop heavy infiltration of water within seconds. Mixed as a drypack, simply apply Express to an area where water is entering a structure under pressure. Apply force to hold the drypack in place for 45-60 seconds and Express’ powerful bonding agents stop the water infiltration for good.*

* Large infiltrations will stop on contact. Minor weeping may occur until full penetration is complete (7-14 days).




Why You Should Specify Contite Crystalline Technology

Crystalline waterproofing technology offers architects, engineers, and application contractors a myriad of efficiency and performance advantages over other waterproofing methods.

Life-Long Performance and Reliability
Crystalline coatings penetrate deep beyond the treated surface and become an integral part of the concrete. Its waterproofing properties remain effective as long as the concrete remains intact. Unlike membranes that can be punctured or delaminate over time, crystalline coatings stay in the concrete, sealing out water for the life of the structure. Countless structures across the U.S. remain dry decades after their application, as testament to the durability of Contite’s formulas.**

A Solution for Nearly Any Waterproofing Challenge
With the complete line of Contite waterproofing products, application contractors have the flexibility to solve the most difficult water infiltration problems with confidence. Contite crystalline materials can be used on the positive or negative side of a structure, applied as a mortar, in slurry form by spray or brush, or injected to fill cavities and stop rising damp. In fact, when it comes to repair work in many old substructures with multiple building materials and uneven surfaces, Contite’s crystalline materials are a proven way to ensure a watertight structure.

Cost-Effective and Efficient
Contite can be applied much more quickly and effectively than other forms of waterproofing material, saving expense of both materials and labor. Since it becomes an integral part of the concrete, it cannot be scraped off or punctured. Contite can be applied immediately after the forms are stripped. The structure can be backfilled twenty-four hours after the application, and can even be drilled without the fear of leaks. And, there is no reason for the purchase and installation of expensive protection boards that are necessary for membrane systems.

** Not all water problems can be solved by waterproofing techniques. The concrete structures being treated must be capable of withstanding the existing water pressure for any waterproofing application to be successful.




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