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How it Works

Unlike membrane and barrier systems, Contite’s crystalline coatings provide enhanced protection against moisture transmission because they do more than provide a barrier at the point of water contact — they become an integral part of the concrete’s physical structure. Upon contact, the active chemicals in Contite are “pulled” into the capillaries of the cement due to the differences in the pH value between the concrete and Contite’s active ingredients. Once inside, the chemicals react with the free lime in the cement, setting up crystalline structures that fill the pores, permanently stopping the transmission of moisture.

Contite Advanced Crystalline Formulations with ACP3

Advanced Continuous Penetration
Using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and proprietary blends of silicates, all of Contite’s products include Advanced Continuous Penetration — ACP3 technology. Contite’s formulations with ACP3 mix faster and more uniformly, penetrate deeper, and cure faster and harder. And all Contite waterproofing products with ACP3 are designed to meet or exceed the NSF-61 standards for contact with potable water, making Contite the perfect solution for aquariums, water tanks and treatment facilities.

Concrete treated with Contite’s ACP3 products are also self-healing. Years after the application, hairline cracks (up to 1/16") or surface damage that occurs (due to settling or impact) will self-heal.



Research and Development

Any moisture that begins to penetrate the concrete will reactivate the ACP3 compounds. New crystalline structures will form in the compromised area resealing the concrete from water infiltration — while still allowing the structure to breathe.

Because of the sophisticated chemistry employed, Contite with ACP3 requires no pre-watering or waiting weeks for concrete curing prior to application — saving hours of labor and project time. And Contite with ACP3 does more than just seal out water — it protects the concrete from many industrial chemicals, salt water, and pH levels down to 4.5.* You simply won’t find a tougher, easier to apply, or more durable solution anywhere.

* Contact your Contite representative for guidance when applying Contite in areas where corrosive or harmful materials are present.



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